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I made a couple of new folders

one for Hera Syndulla who seems to be a rising star :)
and one for the twi'lek characters featured in the "Clone Wars" TV show

Please note, if I ever reject a submission, it's due to failure to abide by the rules of deviantart's policies; which, if it's too TL;DR I'll sum up the ones I focus on:

No Plagiarism
No Porn

Checked in and found several submissions had expired. Didn't realize it had been a couple of weeks since I had checked in. I went through each and requested them for the group and fixed my settings so new submissions don't expire for a month. I hope to still check in at least once a week but in case continues to find ways to complicate things again, there won't be any jarring "expired"s anywhere!
Interest still exists for doing contests around here! In fact, enthusiasm on the part of members doesn't tend to be a problem; it tends to be a problem for the club founders. I find I enjoy contests much better when I don't have to run them!

So would anyone be interested in helping out by becoming a Contest Administrator? You wouldn't have to deal with anything else, and can do contests however you want (within reason, I guess).

If you are interested, please send the group or one of the founders ( RogueDragon and Nebulan ) a note with the following information:

Why twi'leks are awesome:
What contests at Twileks have you entered previously?:
What are a couple things that DeviantArt groups should strive towards?:
I'm moving the topic discussion from the other journal to it's own journal.  

Here are some ideas that have been thrown out:

:bulletpurple: A Twi'lek meets/interacts with a character of another fandom

:bulletblue: Twi'leks with other tentacled aliens of star wars.

:bulletgreen: Cannon star wars characters as Twi'leks.

:bulletred: Twi'lek First Contact (with some other race)

:bulletpurple: Swimsuit Contest

:bulletblue: Dark Side (Sith?)

:bulletred: Alternate Universe Twi'leks

:bulletpurple: Classic Art Style/Inspired Twi'leks.

:bulletpurple: Twi'lek Royalty

:bulletblack: Slavery/ Domestic abuse campaigning

:bulletgreen: Twi'zillas - Twi'lek monsters?  I can see that, especially nearing Halloween.

(Topics we've already done, but I've had requests to redo.  If you comment on this journal expressing which topics interest you, that helps me decide what to do next.)

:bulletgreen:  Other fandom characters as Twi'leks.

:bulletred: Species Mixing (hybrids)

:bulletpurple: High Fashion

Comments on any of these?  Any to be added?
Congrats to the winners: :winner:

Rendered :bulletorange: dALilithiel:bulletorange: Naranja
Drawn :bulletorange: TobiasLaFae:bulletorange: Child of Ryloth

Founder: could you please move the winners to the "Featured" folder?

Next Contest Topic: Freedom

Slavery has plagues the Twi'lek culture until they barely have anything else of a culture left. But slavery has never conquered their spirit! When freed they become strong and determined to succeed. Unfortunately, many who never lived that life take for granted the freedom the was hard earned by others, and worse yet, have consigned their own people to the miserable fate.

September is a time for my country to remember to not take our security for granted, especially since this is a 10 year anniversary for those of us that can remember the day our lives would never be quite the same.

Interpret the theme how you like, but be sensitive to the very real-world problems of domestic abuse and human trafficking. I reserve the right, though I hope not to use it, to reject anything I deem as tasteless or insensitive.

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